WordPress Sell Digital Downloads – WordPress iSell

Sell your awesome digital products like  softwares,ebooks,videos,designs,themes and other downloads through WordPress Using WordPress iSell Plugin

Lots of WordPress E-commerce plugins are trying to integrate the digital products system into there plugins but that does not work quite well from my own personal frustrations with those plugins I had decided to create my own plugin for just single purpose i.e sell and sell only digital products also I don’t want any kind of bloat in the plugin so this plugin is also not an Elephant plugin.

iSell is a simple WordPress sell digital downloads plugin. It integrates flawlessly with Paypal. UI of the plugin is very easy to use, I call this plugin for users not developers but developers should not feel left behind I know how pain it is to modify clients plugins and then know after few weeks or months that they had updated the plugin and boom all changes are lost, there are filters and hooks for almost every important thing in iSell. There is also pluggable functions support for some advanced purposes.

Being relatively new plugin some features are not yet added one of them is multiple payment gateways support. I would love to know your feedback and feature suggestions for plugin either contact me directly or post your feedback on the plugin support forums.

  • You can upload very large files for products, even if your hosts have 2MB of file upload limit. Uploading large files would also not bogs down your server
  • Files too large are downloaded in chunks so your server can handle file downloads effectively and if Apache mod_xsendfile module is enabled then it’s used to serve files
  • Create unlimited products and can also create custom orders
  • Manage products and orders through standard WordPress UI almost same like as you manage your posts/pages
  • Works flawlessly with the latest version of WordPress
  • iSell is also a Developer friendly plugin and very extendable, changes if made correctly wouldn’t get lost after plugin updates
  • Very secure file downloads not just links to files like some plugins do

Creating Skins for the WordPress slider plugin

The WordPress slider plugin skin system is very simple If you have little coding knowledge and WordPress experience it’ll be easy to create your own skins for the plugin if you follow this guide.

Creating a Simple Skin for WP slider plugin

  1. Create a directory “ssp_skins” in the “wp-content” folder.

  2. Create a new directory  “simple_skin” in newly created “ssp_skins”  directory

  3. Create a new file  “slider.php” in the “simple_skin” directory

Now edit the “slider.php” and add the code below into it and save it.

The above code is part of the WP standard plugin header and the skin engine use the header to get the name of skin and then show that skin name in the select box of slider skin option or the first option in the slider options metabox.

 Create a new slider, add few slides to it , change the slider skin to “Simple  Skin for WP slider”, copy the slider shortcode, save the slider or create it and in the end insert the slider shortcode into a post or page and visit that page. You’ll find nothing like a slider on that page, because our slider.php file is without any code.

 The skin engine look for the slider.php file in the registered skin directory which in our case is simple_skin and provide the direct access to following variables. 



Short Description



 The id of the slider use it for uniqueness purposes or to include multiple sliders on a single page



Meat of the slider this variable contains all the slides and their data like image url, sizes, type and html content etc



Contains the attributes which user supplies with a shortcode included in the post or page



All the options or settings for the slider

These are only 4 variables which are actually needed to create fully fledged skins and contains all  the not needed and needed data about the slider. I’ve created all my own major skins using these variables. To get more detailed information about these variables you can use the PHP function var_dump.

 Now its time to create a working slider skin. Paste the code below, into your slider.php file



Insert the above code and then save the changes you made to the  slider.php and now visit the page where you had inserted the slider shortcode in the start of this tutorial. If everything is done correctly you’ll see a working slider there.

 I tried to make this guide as easy as I can but  basic familiarity with the WordPress, PHP and jQuery is required to fully understand the code in this guide. I hope the code is self explanatory if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Download Sample Code

PHP and WordPress Mobile Detector wp_is_mobile

For my WordPress Simple Popup Plugin, I was in search of PHP mobile detector which can check if the visitor is from a mobile device. I was lucky recently a function wp_is_mobile is added to the WordPress core in version 3.4 the problem is not all WordPress sites have been upgraded. Only 21% of total users as of writing have upgraded to the version 3.4 http://wordpress.org/about/stats/

The code snippet below can be used with all the WP versions to detect mobile devices. If the visitor is from mobile device it’ll return true if not then false. You can also use the function outside of WordPress environment.

Version proof wp_is_mobile

WordPress Coming Soon and Site Offline Plugin

Very simple and easy to use WordPress coming soon and site offline plugin. It lets you put your site in offline mode for all users and visitors of yours site except the administrators. You as the administrator  have full control on your site you can login, view the pages create the content and on top of all can do test and do the maintenance work in simple words there is no change for your administrators whereas for regular visitors when they visit your site there would be a message shown on all pages, which yo can modify from the settings page of WordPress Coming Soon Plugin.

I would love to know your feedback and suggestions. Please use the Site offline / coming soon plugin support forums to provide your thoughts. You can also post your feature requests there.

For customizations and modifications please contact me

PS. You can also use this plugin to create cool and effective coming soon pages in premium version of the plugin there is a built-in Coming Soon theme integrated with Mailchimp and Aweber email marketing services.