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    All of my sliders are now devoid of images having moved the build from my local to the hosting (remote) server. Curious as to why this may be. For instance, there should be a slider here, but nothing is showing up:




    Also, if I click on WP Slider from the Dashboard, it lists my sliders (11 of them), but if I go into one to Edit, it does not show any of the slides present. I’m also using Lightbox 2.0, and that made the transition fine. Any help is greatly appreciated.



    It looks like the slides data which is stored in the prefix_postmeta or wp_postmeta table isn’t transferred correctly between the server. Please check that and I hope that’ll fix the issue.



    Thanks for that tip, although i haven’t been able to spot any differences in looking through the two SQL files (the local and the remote version, with updated path names.) I don’t know where to access prefix_postmeta though. Doesn’t seem to be in the SQL.

    Is there any way you can tell me what I should be looking for specifically? What kind of files or paths should your plugin have produced?

    Thanks. I REALLY love your plugin, but also really don’t want to build the 11 sliders out again.



    I hope the information below will help you.

    The slider data is in the table wp_post and the slides data is in the table wp_postmeta please do the import correctly for the wp_postmeta table and the images in the slides are actually WordPress attachments so it’s very important that the attachment data is also successfully and correctly transferred from local server to remote server.



    I had a similar issue today when I transferred from local host to a remote server. I had copied over the directory structure and imported the nysql database from the command line. In this instance the slider appeared in Chrome on my machine but not on the client’s Chrome. It also didn’t work on my android phone. Very weird.

    I deleted the plugin and re-installed and the slider now works EXCEPT the caption text no longer appears.

    Any ideas on why the caption text isn’t showing?

    Thanks – it’s a great plugin.



    Hi Paul,

    Please check the link below, I hope it’ll help you in getting the captions on the slide.




    Hi Muneeb,

    Got it! I thought the caption came from the slide label in WP Slider. You have to delete the slides, caption them in media library and then add the slides again and the captions work.

    One other quirk: it seems like the slider is able to handle adding an image that has a greater height than the other slides but if the height is significantly (haven’t quantified) greater, the captions and the caption overly box disappears from the slides with the lesser height. (not a big deal)

    thx again.



    Thanks for the help, but i need some more. I confirmed looking at the original exported SQL and the one currently on the server that the slider does indeed have 7 slides listed inside its declaration inside wp_postmeta.

    Inside the wp_posts, however, I noticed what might have been an issue. As you can see below, the URL has a &#038 instead of just &.

    (672, 1, ’2013-05-21 21:23:28′, ’2013-05-22 02:23:28′, ”, ‘Book I.b’, ”, ‘publish’, ‘closed’, ‘closed’, ”, ‘book-i-b’, ”, ”, ’2013-06-10 16:08:35′, ’2013-06-10 21:08:35′, ”, 0, ‘′, 0, ‘ssp_slider’, ”, 0),

    Even after changing & to & there’s still no slides showing up on the page or under the WP slider editor. Other thoughts? At this point, I’m about ready to pay someone for their expertise in hopes the problem can be identified and easily corrected.



    ha. I see that the posting of my question changed my &#038s into proper &s. My point was even after changing to “&amp” from “&#038″, I still had no luck.




    I see, I’ve to look into this and dig the issue thoroughly which will take time I really wish I could help you more right now but that might not be possible so hiring someone will be best option. I’ll also give it today quick through look I might catch the issue if so I’ll let you know.



    Just to give you an update, I went ahead and manually recreated my 11 sliders on the hosted site. It only took my 1.5 hours, which was far less than the time I spent trying to troubleshoot why the sliders didn’t survive the transfer. Not sure if anyone else has ever reported that problem, but it might be something you want to be on the look out for (or it might be a complete user error on my part). Thanks. I enjoy the slider quite a bit.



    It appears the cause of this issue is the storing of absolute paths for the images.

    Is it possible to store relative urls so that deployments between for example local and remote servers can be done without manually updating images.?




    You might be right it could be the issue with the paths but WordPress does save attachments URL’s as absolute paths and my plugin uses the attachment as the slide image for various reasons.

    When you move from local server to remote/live server It’s must to update the URLS too using the mysql search and replace functions.

    For more information please visit the link below



    Hey thanks for quick reply,

    Perhaps easier solution for this scenario:
    Set ‘Slide Type’ and ‘Slide type’ to html and use (root)relative path to images in the html.


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